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Forget watching planes and boats,  this weekend the festival of choice was the Hot Dog Festival in Northside. I could have fought my way through the masses along North Avenue beach or I could have eaten a hot dog sitting casually in the sunshine on Lincoln Avenue. Tough choice and I take the hot dog every time.

All along the street were some pretty cool signs that I really would have liked to have got my hands on for the kitchen wall, but instead I had to be restrained and only take a photograph, still anyway that ways I get to share with you as well.

Mrs Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro at 3905 N Lincoln Avenue, lay right in the middle of the Summerfest corridor and they had a stand right outside their resturant. Despite not being a hot dog specialist they did have some interesting items on their menu. I nearly had the French Fry corn dog as it was such a cheeky offering, a dog coated with a batter containing french fries was an artery busting temptation that I managed to resist.

I was not however able to resist Mrs Murphy’s offer of the day which was the Dublin Dog with caramelized onions and beer mustard for $4. The sausage was good and the onions were nice and soft, but I found that the beer mustard was a bit too strongly flavoured to my liking and I also got frustrated that the bread bun fell apart as soon as I started to eat it. Overall it was probably worth $4 but I wasn’t over excited and didn’t want another one, I kind of wished I had that French fry dog now instead. Still it was a good sausage, just missed on the combination front. website:

The other temptation of note was as always from Chicago’s Dog House. I have had this particular dog before and I glad to be able to recommend it to my companion on this occasion. This was the Infused Cheddar bacon sausage which is covered with a fresh creamy guacomole, some coriander (or cilantro) and some fried tortilla strips. I personally didn’t care for the tortilla strips when I had it and my companion concurred, but the sausage lived up to expectation the cheese filling is always a treat and the guacomole and cilantro make a great combination. At $7 almost twice price of the $4 Dublin Dog it is hard to say which was better value, I think the Dog House had a better combination and tastes better so I think that makes it better value.

The actual Chicago’s Dog House is nearer to Fullerton than this festival stand, but their stand seems to pop up quite regularly at the Chicago Fests so you may be lucky and catch them on the streets.

Overall not a bad festival but not many of the big hitters in the Chicago dog scene were here so not too much to hunt about


This afternoon I think that my El Stop tour hit rock bottom as I finally relented and walked into the Burrito House near to the Addison Brown line CTA station. I had many other targets in mind, but really I was too tired and lazy to travel too far from home to get something of a slightly higher class. I was actually on my way to Whole Foods to get the ingredients for one of my favorite meals to cook at home; Jamie Oliver’s ‘linguine alla carbonara di salsiccia’ or sausage carbonara (sounds far more cultured in Italian). Already I can hear the thoughts that you are probably more interested in that recipe and what that looks and tastes like than my visit to Burrito House, I know that I am, perhaps I will share the meal later tonight ,when I cook it as I consume an accidental bottle of wine.

OK back to Burrito House, there were two good moments, walking in and walking out, oh and a brief moment before I started to eat. I chose one of the specials, a Burrito California for $5.40, it was supposed to be Shredded Steak, rice, cilantro, spring onion, tomato in a crisp burrito. 


As I said this was the last good moment before walking out. I liked the crunch of the burrito casing, the inside was just brown steaky mush and to be honest there was no discernable flavour that I would wish to share with you, I think unseasoned gravy is the closest description. I feel a little queasy even thinking about the description now. The worst of it all is that I did actually eat it all. Well I was hungry.

Note to self: What were you thinking off?

I could tell you exactly where this joint is, but I have your personal wellbeing and happiness at heart so I am not going to. All I will say it is near to Addison Brown CTA.

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I have had my eye on El Llano for a while, usually when I see double L’s at the front of  a name I am in Wales, but tonight I was entering a little Colombian haven.

I wasn’t really sure what I fancied, but some sort of grilled or roasted chicken was high on the agenda. Outside the special was advertised as chicken with rice and beans, but once inside I was tempted into choosing the “Pollo Entero – se sirve con papa, arepa y platona’. basically the only word I knew was chicken, but a small picture on the menu suggested that it came with plantain or fries. Of course now with the benefit of google translations and actually getting the plate I know it meant whole chicken. To be honest I think it was several chickens and it answered the riddle “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from El Llano!” – while it could. Sadly or gladly for me these did not quite escape.

This was a total lesson in how to fail in consuming your dinner. I almost never take a doggy bag home, but this evening I had no choice.

 Somehow 20 minutes later there seemed to be more food than I started with. After consuming half the chicken I found all sorts of goodies and stuff underneath. I tried to hide the leftovers under my knife and fork, but they just rolled off, looked me in the eye and said “forget it mate, we are too tired to feed you any more, you will have to get the rest to take home” I really don’t know how it happened or even why but after I had ordered the waitress somehow persuaded / tempted me into trying a beef empanada to start. Somewhat foolishly I accepted, why oh why I could have eaten that last 4 pounds of chicken..not. 

 It was quite a tasty little treat, crispy deep fried I expect, once split open it was filled with tender shredded beef. Totally unecessary in the great scheme of the meal but nonetheless worth a tiny diversion in appetiser world. Overall the chicken was really tasty, overwhelming yes, and perhaps would have benefitted from some sauce to go with it. Next visit I will have to bring a crowd of people to eat just one dish, or maybe I won’t and just plan to have chicken with salad for lunch the next day (and the day after that too) El Llano is at 3941 N Lincoln Ave (between Damen Ave and Irving Park Road). The closest el is the Irving Park Brown, but the Addison Brown is almost as close

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Mangis hit or miss?

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Addison (Brown), Irving Park

Walking down from the Addison Brown line stop you could be forgiven for passing by this joint.

I did on my way passed to whole foods at Paulina, walking passed several fitness centres before being snared with the thought of a sneaky hot dog

In the end I was not wowed by the offerings but hey I was not in a fine dining establishment.

I selected a char dog, and I got the tiny version. The propieter must have heard that I had been browsing the weightwatchers site to see how many points a hot dog was (it was 15 but this one was probably about 7!). It was OK but the most I can say about Mangis is that it is clean, it sells lottery tickets and it also sells beer.

Apart from that, well …er it is clean, it sells lottery tickets and it also sells beer, did I say that? oh well

Mangis is near to the Addision Brown at 3801 N Lincoln Ave(between Berenice Ave & Grace St) near to Trader Joes

oh and er …Miss

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The Blue Sky Bakery & Cafe is located near to the at 3720 N Lincoln Ave. I happened across it purely by chance, opting for some exercise on my way to Whole Foods I decided to walk between Montrose and Paulina El stations, half way it felt a bit foolish as the temperature was 25F and I was getting a bit chilly and in dire need of warming drink. Luckily for me as I approached  the Addison Brown line stop, I saw this place across the road and it was like a bright oasis in the cold afternoon or was it a magnet with the lure of possible pastry items?

Inside it was very bright and cheerful and seemed very homely with a chalkboard of daily specials. I thought that this would do just fine for a brief pause on my sortie to Paulina. Randomly there was a bike on the wall, which to be honest made me think “yeh thats a good idea” but I am resisting the temptation to get one and do it at home. My general life with bikes is that you buy one out of best intentions and then leave it in the garden shed for a couple of years, a bit like an exercise bike which you pretty much hang your laundry on. Even my wii has started taunting me, with its dismissive, “I havent seen you for a while” when I periodically step on it to do my wii fit bursts. But I digress, as always

I made my selection from the board and settled down to get warm. While doing so I read the leaflets in the place and found that this cafe is part of a scheme to help young people, a nonprofit organization providing transitional employment to at-risk youth. More details on their website, all very laudable, and a good cause

My chosen treats of a slice of bacon rosemary quiche and latte arrived quickly and they were both very good. I really liked the quiche, the rosemary gave it quite a different taste to most quiches with bacon that tend to be on the salty side, but no this was moist and subtle. Even better there was so side salad to distract me from the true delight of my quiche slice.

Well worth a trip to find this cafe, if you get off the Addison Brown line stop, instead of exiting by the main exit, leave by the Patterson Avenue exit and then just walk along Lincoln Avene for a couple of minutes and Blue Sky will materialise before your eyes.

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Yindee Thai

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Addison (Brown)

This is another place practically within touching distance of an El Stop, turn right as you exit the main entrance of the Addison Brown Line el station and next to the Cork Lounge and you are there. You can also see it as you look down from the train station platform.

It serves japanese and thai, so basically sushi and noodles. I went for the steamed pork dumplings and a portion of rasin rice with tomato, bacon, fried egg and pork. This was very tasty, it did not have any raisins in it, but imagine how great this could be if it actually was a portion of fried rice with slices of bacon and a fried egg on top, OMG now that would be worth trying to create at home for a really unhealthy sunday bruch and a good way to use up left over chinese takeaway.

But I digress, Yindee was a nice little spot, easy to get too, and the food was quite decent and there were many more sensible choices available on the menu . I am not going to over play the place but it is not half bad either. As a bonus if you walk left as you leave and go under the bridge you can see a really great mural, it is worth making the short detour here just to see that.

Check it out here, but also have a look if you are down this way

Yindee is located at: 1824 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613

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