Yindee Thai

This is another place practically within touching distance of an El Stop, turn right as you exit the main entrance of the Addison Brown Line el station and next to the Cork Lounge and you are there. You can also see it as you look down from the train station platform.

It serves japanese and thai, so basically sushi and noodles. I went for the steamed pork dumplings and a portion of rasin rice with tomato, bacon, fried egg and pork. This was very tasty, it did not have any raisins in it, but imagine how great this could be if it actually was a portion of fried rice with slices of bacon and a fried egg on top, OMG now that would be worth trying to create at home for a really unhealthy sunday bruch and a good way to use up left over chinese takeaway.

But I digress, Yindee was a nice little spot, easy to get too, and the food was quite decent and there were many more sensible choices available on the menu . I am not going to over play the place but it is not half bad either. As a bonus if you walk left as you leave and go under the bridge you can see a really great mural, it is worth making the short detour here just to see that.

Check it out here, but also have a look if you are down this way


Yindee is located at: 1824 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613
Website: http://www.yindee.info/

Yindee on Urbanspoon

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