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I have a general rule that if I see a Food Truck I have to cross the road to try it out and even if totally stuffed from eating elsewhere I just cannot resist one. On Tuesday I was heading across to pick up the Brown Line in the loop when I saw the Cupcakes for Courage Food Truck at the foot of the steps leading up to the Quincy CTA Station   platform. I didn’t really look for traffic, maybe there should be a warning sign “Beware of drooling  cake eater’s crossing”

This was my first encounter with this particular truck, apparantly it is here every Tuesday, When I got there just before rush hour home time they had three flavours left. The Salted Caramel, a Spicy Sriracha one, and a Vanilla on Vanilla Bean. Although I was tempted to try the Sriracha one, I was more tempted by the Salted caramel. Now having checked out their website  I kind of wished I had tried the Spicy Sriracha turtle.  It is described there as “A spicy & savory take on our Turtle cupcake that got us to the final round of Food Network Cupcake Wars!  Mesquite chocolate cake filled and topped with smoked caramel, dunked in pecans candied with a spicy syrup, and topped with our homemade fudge frosting.”

That sounds really intriguing, perhaps next week if I am lucky enough to catch them. But as I said I got the Salted Caramel one this time.

So anyways, I grabbed my cake, took a few photo’s and ran up the steps to jump onto the Brown Line towards Kimble.  Once unwrapped, it pretty much saw about as much home life as it took to photograph it, it never even saw a plate, and I think it might have just about touched the sides of my throat I as I munched it down waiting for the kettle to boil for my tea.

As you can see this cupcake got slightly squashed on the way back as I was jostled in the rush hour El train crowds, but it was still delicious. This was a salted caramel cupcake, a Vanilla bean cake, very moist and soft to eat,  filled with homemade salted caramel sauce and topped with sweet caramel buttercream. Then drizzled with a touch more salted caramel sauce and sprinkled with smoked sea salt. It was really really good, I loved the contrast of the saltiness with the sweet caramel.

I also totally  love their website, it gives you their background, their story and you can click on each cake to see a picture and a mouth watering description (which you can pinch to make your memorised description more accurate 🙂  ), to top that as well they have a blog which gives a little insight into the history of getting their truck on the road. It makes interesting reading. You can also folllow them on Twitter and Facebook.



There are some good reasons to love the Elephant and Castle pub in the Loop, I am not sure if the food is the main one. As an expat I used to make sure that I stayed in the adjacent hotel (Club Quarters) whenever I flew into Chicago  the E&C was my home bar away from home. But times have moved on, the food in the English Pubs back in good old  blighty has improved drastically over the last decade and the food at E&C is now a distant reminder of those darks days when we were willing to accept 6 out of 10 food, good enough, but not quite good enough to write a postcard home about. So why I hear you question do I keep on going to the Elephant and Castle? Well the main reason is that it serves an excellent pint of Boddingtons bitter, and next well I have a fond memory of that sort of  pub food and I am not that fussy to be honest.

I have tried their Fish and Chips, their pies, and the Yorkshire pudding and I was excited each time before I started, but by the end I was a bit meh about it and was just concentrating on the Boddingtons. So on this occasion I was pulling the litmus test out of the bag and sampling the Club sandwich. The way I rank every place that I really want to be good. The Sandwich looked so damn good on the plate when it arrived, but that was the best bit. It ended up being another 6 out of 10 experience. The chips were also just dull, and the worst thing of all is that I still ate it all.

I do feel slightly mean being less than positive about an English style pub in Chicago, but despite that.I just have to keep on going back for the Boddingtons.

There are a couple of Elephant and Castles in Chicago, this particular one is located next to the Club Quarters hotel at 111 W Adams St (between La Salle St & Clark St)


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Flirty Cupcakes Food Truck

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Food Truck, Quincy

Walking towards the Quincy CTA stop to jump onto the Brown line home I was bemoaning in my head the lack of places to eat nearby that were not chains such as Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds. I was thinking that I was going to struggle to find anything decent to eat and blog about in the near vicinity without walking closer to another loop stop. Then as if by a small miracle I saw the Flirty Cupcake truck parked up right at the foot of the stairs leading to the station. Well it had to be fate or something like that, a small morsel of opportunity sent from on high.


I snagged myself a cupcake a Tall White Expresso chocolate cake with milk chocolate filling and white expresso frosting for $3.79, tucked it in my bag and headed up on to the Brown Line towards Kimball.


25min later I had a nice cup of tea lined up and happily munched my way through the cake. It was nice and soft, moist, not too chocolatey and not too much coffee flavour. It was well worth the diversion on the way home through the loop that led to this chance Quincy encounter.

Flirty cupcakes weekly schedule on the road and their story can be found on their website. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook