Rock bottom at Burrito House

This afternoon I think that my El Stop tour hit rock bottom as I finally relented and walked into the Burrito House near to the Addison Brown line CTA station. I had many other targets in mind, but really I was too tired and lazy to travel too far from home to get something of a slightly higher class. I was actually on my way to Whole Foods to get the ingredients for one of my favorite meals to cook at home; Jamie Oliver’s ‘linguine alla carbonara di salsiccia’ or sausage carbonara (sounds far more cultured in Italian). Already I can hear the thoughts that you are probably more interested in that recipe and what that looks and tastes like than my visit to Burrito House, I know that I am, perhaps I will share the meal later tonight ,when I cook it as I consume an accidental bottle of wine.

OK back to Burrito House, there were two good moments, walking in and walking out, oh and a brief moment before I started to eat. I chose one of the specials, a Burrito California for $5.40, it was supposed to be Shredded Steak, rice, cilantro, spring onion, tomato in a crisp burrito. 


As I said this was the last good moment before walking out. I liked the crunch of the burrito casing, the inside was just brown steaky mush and to be honest there was no discernable flavour that I would wish to share with you, I think unseasoned gravy is the closest description. I feel a little queasy even thinking about the description now. The worst of it all is that I did actually eat it all. Well I was hungry.

Note to self: What were you thinking off?

I could tell you exactly where this joint is, but I have your personal wellbeing and happiness at heart so I am not going to. All I will say it is near to Addison Brown CTA.

Burrito House on Urbanspoon

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