Blue Sky Bakery & Cafe – North Center

The Blue Sky Bakery & Cafe is located near to the at 3720 N Lincoln Ave. I happened across it purely by chance, opting for some exercise on my way to Whole Foods I decided to walk between Montrose and Paulina El stations, half way it felt a bit foolish as the temperature was 25F and I was getting a bit chilly and in dire need of warming drink. Luckily for me as I approached  the Addison Brown line stop, I saw this place across the road and it was like a bright oasis in the cold afternoon or was it a magnet with the lure of possible pastry items?

Inside it was very bright and cheerful and seemed very homely with a chalkboard of daily specials. I thought that this would do just fine for a brief pause on my sortie to Paulina. Randomly there was a bike on the wall, which to be honest made me think “yeh thats a good idea” but I am resisting the temptation to get one and do it at home. My general life with bikes is that you buy one out of best intentions and then leave it in the garden shed for a couple of years, a bit like an exercise bike which you pretty much hang your laundry on. Even my wii has started taunting me, with its dismissive, “I havent seen you for a while” when I periodically step on it to do my wii fit bursts. But I digress, as always

I made my selection from the board and settled down to get warm. While doing so I read the leaflets in the place and found that this cafe is part of a scheme to help young people, a nonprofit organization providing transitional employment to at-risk youth. More details on their website, all very laudable, and a good cause

My chosen treats of a slice of bacon rosemary quiche and latte arrived quickly and they were both very good. I really liked the quiche, the rosemary gave it quite a different taste to most quiches with bacon that tend to be on the salty side, but no this was moist and subtle. Even better there was so side salad to distract me from the true delight of my quiche slice.

Well worth a trip to find this cafe, if you get off the Addison Brown line stop, instead of exiting by the main exit, leave by the Patterson Avenue exit and then just walk along Lincoln Avene for a couple of minutes and Blue Sky will materialise before your eyes.

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