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Down at Ethyl’s this Thursday I hooked up with 4 food trucks for a Food bonanza. Despite the chill in the air it was worth the trip and lets face it it is going to get a lot colder and we will still be needing to eat well!

So who was there?

I started with a Bacon Baby Burger from The Slide Ride – A Cheddar cheese topped certified Angus beef  burger, crisp brown sugar bacon, caramelised mustard onions on a pretzel burger for $3.50 (Yes I copied that from their site as my photo of the board was a bit blurred ). It was a nice bite sized treat, solid flavour and not greasy. I could have had a couple more sliders and taken advantage of their deal of 3 sliders for $9 (another day maybe)  but I really wanted to sample some of the other trucks fare.

I moved on to the Wagyu Wagon which was attracting attention and had a very tempting menu. I ordered a 80/20 Burger which was a burger of Wagyu ground beef and ground bacon, topped with a fried egg, avocado, grilled onions, provolone, and tomato for $10. It took a while to prepare and alongside the other brave or foolhardy souls I waited with anticipation. It was well worth the wait, the fried egg topping always makes any burger great and I managed not to spill any of the juice down my top. This was a mean burger totally awesome!

Not to be outdone the 5411 Empanada Truck was also there. I had to get a couple of these to take home with the intention of eating them for supper. Sadly they pretty much lasted long enough to get photograped. The Ham and Cheese had a good solid meat content, but for me the star of the show was the caramelised onion, which had a lovely sweet filling. I should have bought a whole bag of these (I will next time!)

Finally I had to get myself a little sweet temptation to take home to have with my cup of tea. The Sweet Ride Truck was there to assist with this cup cake need.  I snagged myself a red velvet cup cake and thus far I am managing to save myself from eating this cake tonight. It might even make it all the way into the office with me tommorrow, or at least until after I post this blog entry.

All in all a pretty successful trip down to Ethyls for some Food Truckin Lovin. Although I may need to walk a few miles tomorrow to burn all of this scrumptious goodness off.

You can track all these trucks on twitter and facebook (thats what I did) and on their websites

The Slide Ride:

Wagyu Wagon:

5411 Empanada:

Sweet Ride:


“Flashes of white electric light as the sparks from the track illuminate the night, the rattle and roll of the train as it hops and bumps its way over the elevated sleepers.  The Hancock looms into view, the tall buildings illuminated in pink,  the brown line twists and turns its way south into the loop, gentle chatter from the train punctuated with the train announcer crisply designating our arrival at each station stop. Orange street and platform lights glow and fade as we pass down the line ever closer to the city downtown district, ding dong “doors closing”, as we reach the sky scrapers the echo of the train bounces back from the closely packed buildings creating a rush and roar of wind, the wheels whistle as they slide around the bends of the looping track”

Sometimes the journey is the best part of the memory, but not this time. I am STILL thinking of that beef soup.

Flashback –
Last night I headed down to the Blue Line Racine stop via the Brown to seek out some food truck action at Ethyl’s Beer & Wine Dive Truckin’  Thursday. At first sight as I squinted from the freeway overpass it all seemed a bit dark in the parking lot and I was not sure I was in the right place and almost turned back.






At this point I will sadly demonstrate both my US and Chicago culinary ignorance. Before this week I did not know who Stephanie Izard was (despite being an avid Top Chef fan – I did not arrive on these shores to see the earlier seasons), Only in my first 6 months in Chicago I had never heard of the Girl and the Goat either, and I had never been on Twitter. But thankfully due to my late foray into the twitter feed I found out about the truck meet, bought Stephanies Book “The Girl in the kitchen”, and tasted her fabulous soup.

Without much exaggeration it was the best soup I have ever tasted and I can still 1 day later taste it in my mind.

So was the trip worthwhile? well yes I bought the book (hoping to recreate the soup myself), subsequently booked a table at the restaurant, and will be searching online for Top Chef Season 4