Pork Chops of the late night variety has become a food drug – Jeri’s Grill became my new supplier

Late night at Jeri’s Grill, I was in dire need of some sort of breakfast type food, more specifically I really had my mind set on some pork chops.

Every morning my bus passes by Jeri’s and I look across at the same window shown above wishing that I was in there having some eggs on toast and a nice cup of tea.

Sadly I stay on that bus and ride it onwards, but at the weekend I can have breakfast whenever I want!

Inside Jeri’s it was quite quiet, but then again looking up at the clock there was a reason why…it was 2.30am in the morning, although the clocks had gone back so really only 1.30am.  

Surprisingly as I walked in the early morning rush was starting, a bedraggled group of misfits crawling in from numerous bars on their way home, looking for something to soak up the alcohol.

In my case that was a plate of pork chops, with two fried eggs and some house potatoes.

Even in a somewhat inebriated state I can confidently claim that the chops were juicy and tasty, the eggs cooked just as I like, perfectly runny, and I even enjoyed the potatoes too.

Late night, midday or at breakfast time Jeri’s Grill has never let me down. I am hungry again just thinking about it.

Located at 4357 N Western Ave, just on the corner with Montrose Ave, on the 78 Bus and a long walk from the Western and the Montrose CTA El stations

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  1. Wow! This is seriously good food to eat after a night out drinking. Or as breakfast. Or anytime.

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