The Big Cheese on Lincoln – Open at last! grilled cheese sandwiches for all!

After what seems like the longest wait ever, The Big Cheese on Lincoln Avenue finally opened its doors. Was it really back in March that several sources reported that the space on the corner of Lincoln and W Cullom was being taken over by “The Big Cheese”? It really was, and in that time I have suffered waiting patiently and not so patiently waiting for someone to make me a grilled cheese sandwich. tweeting with fellow sufferers? “any news?” Then suddenly this last week there were lights on inside and some flitting figures moving behind the windows, and then just like no time had passed it was open, and I was in there, like a rat up a drain pipe!

It is early days and they are still finding their feet but it is all seeming promising. They had run out of menus so we were sharing a laminated menu, and there was also a chalk board displaying the cheese possibilities.  Although there were a number of interesting options such as “The Red Devil” or rather “El Diablo Rojo” a sandwich of Toluca style chorizo, Chihuaha cheese, and roasted jalapeno peppers. I had to try a basic classic sandwich ‘purely for quality control purposes’ you know.

The Classic American for $8.95 was a three cheese filled Texas Toast sandwich – Cheddar, White Cheddar, and American Cheese,with tomato and bacon. It was incredibly cheesy, almost too much melted cheese, and really hot too, I think that if a burglar entered my house forget any other weapon, I would like a hot grilled cheese sandwich available to fight them off with. Apart from all that gooey cheese embraced by two thick slices of Texas Toast, there was soft freshly chopped tomato, and some really good crispy slices of bacon. There were a few options for sides, including seasoned fries, but I took the recommendation of a bowl of basil tomato soup, it was quite nice, creamy with some croutons floating in it. Good, but I may try the fries on another occasion.

The Big Cheese is located at 4229 N Lincoln Avenue, check out their facebook page at!/bigcheeseonlincoln

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