Indie Burger – tagline “Organic, Local and Delicious” and you know? It is!


Indie Burger

Some things are just too good to be true, and then again some things are so good it is true. Indie Burger falls into that second catagory describing itself as “Organic, Local, and Delicious” it is knocking out some killer food and even though you are eating a burger, you can feel good about yourself as you are doing so.

indie burger menu

The menu is not just burgers, although primarily that is what I came inside for, no they also do sandwiches and salads, and even some vegetarian options that could possibly entice a devoted carnivore!

There was no actual danger that I was going to forgo the opportunity to eat a burger!

I was intrigued by the Organic Chickpea Burger, which came with lettuce, tomato and tzatziki. It sounds like a great big falafel burger.

I wasn’t heading down that route though. I just had to choose between the Hamburger, Cheeseburger, or Indie Burger.

The Indie Burger


In the interests of, well in the interest of my stomach, I went for the house special; The Indie Burger and threw in a side of Onion Rings just for good measure.

The Indie Burger is an organic, grass-fed 1/3 pound beef patty served on an organic bun. This one is served with grilled onion, Swiss cheese and the homemade Indie sauce.

The Indie sauce was quite an interesting experience, it looked like thousand island dressing and had a spiciness that started mild then had a slight kick. It transpired that the sauce was an aioli with a touch of horseradish and chipotle.

Even though the burger was on the small side, it was a really, and I mean really good sandwich. Everything worked even down to the superb bun which is organic, and supplied by the local bakery “West Town Bakery”.

At the time of writing, according to the menu. the meat is being supplied from Dochanall Farms in Dodgeville, Wisconsin (is there really a place called “Dodgeville”? I have to go there!).

Onion Rings

Now as for the onion rings, these are really, and I mean really the best I have had for quite some time. You know when you take a bite and you get crispy batter coating, and bite of onion, and it all comes in one bite, no coating falling off, no onion sliding out of a greasy ring, no, just crisp, solid, bite after bite. Well worth the somewhat extravagent $3.50 asking price.

Website: Look not just for the menu, but also for the story, also on facebook, and twitter

Now this place is not a cheap dive, a burger, rings and a drink came to around about $14. Was it worth it? Yes it was.

Located at 1034 W Belmont Avenue, exit away from the lake at the Belmont CTA El station and walk about 5 mins (if that) past Cheesies and it is on the next corner

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