Twenty Four Hour Comfort Food at 3 Star Coffee Shop – Upper West Side, Bacon, Egg, Sausage and erm Cake!

Late night or early morning the brightly lit yet restrained sign of the 3 Star Coffee Shop shines like a beacon signalling the location of some good classic diner food and more importantly the American version of the ‘All Day Breakfast’. I am not sure what time I rolled into this spot, it was sometime between 12pm and 4 am after the bars had closed down. I was figuring that if I got an early march on breakfast I might be capable of getting up the next day in some sort of functioning capacity.

Put cake on the counter and there is a fair chance that one of us is going to be eating them. The whole counter was covered with an array of cakes, all freshly baked that day, and at the time I walked in they were just coming out of the kitchen. I had to try one, but I did just have a little one. It was good, glazed pastry and a raisin filled cake, perhaps a touch of cinnamon also, but to be honest I am struggling to recall.

There was so much to choose from on the menu but I went for the simple “Two Eggs, Any Style with bacon, ham or sausage (I went for both bacon and sausage) this came with potatoes and toast, for the princely sum of just $6.50  You know that it is a big breakfast when it comes on three plates. Apart from these two another plate arrived with toast on it. Now I have to say that while the eggs and bacon were just perfect, the real star were these sausages. Really good herby flavour, solid and meaty, for America, surprisingly well done.

Did I need this toast? No, but lets be fair, did I need that piece of cake that I had at the beginning?

No I didn’t, but in some ways I did, and you will too.

Located at 541 Columbus Ave, New York At 86th St, just off the local 1

Check out the menu at Menu Pages:

Three Star Coffee Shop on Urbanspoon

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