Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar “open your mind or close it – whatever works for you, give it a whirl”

Around the corner from Bubba Gump in Times Square NYC, I spy a screen showing an episode of Diner’s, Drive Ins, and Dives featuring Guy Fieri. “What’s going on?” I hadn’t seen this place before, so I wandered over and it turned out that Guy Fieri had openend up one of his resturants in Times Square. Is that cheesy or is that tacky? well not in my eyes if you have it flaunt it.

Now I didn’t really know anything about Guy’s food, I mean sure I saw him win “The Next Food Network Star” and I watch him eat other people’s food on triple D. But what is his food actually like? Ok so I watched an episode of “A minute to win it” – that did not help. I have actually bought his book “Guy Fieri Food”, have I read it or cooked anything from it? To be honest the answer is “a bit, and no”.

So I figured that this was the perfect opportunity to try some of his food out and see if that matched the persona.


Which bit of the menu was I going for? Well I was all about the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” section


So in simple laymans terms what we have here is Beer and Chicken. To be more explict- Guys “Huli Huli Hawaiian Chicken, described as laquered in a sweet Hawaiian BBQ sauce, served with rice a munee, mango salsa, and crispy onion straws. The chicken is cooked downstairs on the rotisserie. I have to be honest, while the flavours were really good and sauce was tangy and smoky. The breast meat of the chicken was verging on being a bit dry, it was ok but not perfect by any means and when you are paying $19.50 you know you kind of hope that someone can cook a chicken.

What about that “Rice a Munee” what the heck is that, and was it any good? Well actually it was pretty good I did like it and since the recipe is in that cook book of Guy’s that is on my bookshelf I may well try and replicate it. Essentially it is Basmati Pilaf, vermicelli, white wine, onions, carrots, peppers and peas.

The beer was pretty decent, forgetting the fancy glass, I had the Golden State lager, I think that the menu description was pretty accurate ‘crisp and smooth, a golden lager crafted from Midwestern malts and flaked corn, refreshing, maltiness, and a light clean finish’

Was this any good, well it is priced for Times Square, the food was better than I thought, but I did come in for the Guy Fieri name, I would have walked on by if it was just a normal place. Not that I am a Food Network Whore, but I did walk out with a T-shirt and a baseball cap, and I don’t mind one bit.

Located at 220 West 44th Street Between 7th and 8th Ave, around the corner from Bubba Gumps and the opposite side of the square from Toys R Us. Website:

I will leave the final word to the man himself

On the website the message from Guy is “Located right in the heart of Times Square, we’re all about big flavors and good times. Off-the-hook scratch-made food, hand crafted signature beers, killer cocktails and rockin’ tunes are on tap here at my joint and I look forward to havin’ ya over to my house!”

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