Wieners Circle – Nice Charburger

I have to be honest I was really confused when I got over to the Wiener’s Circle. I thought that it was one of Chicago’s famous hot dog joints, but as you can see the sign outside proclaims that it is the “Home of the Char-Broiled Cheddarburger”

So what to do? I came here to eat a hot dog but the Char Broiled Cheeseburger is a self acclaimed speciality of the joint so I guess that is what I should be trying? Well that was what I did try.

The guy in front of me was having both, perhaps I should have been splitting one of each with him, but I wasn’t sure that he was the kind of guy to be asking, having said that I did opt to take his lead on my toppings, cheese, mustard, and ketchup, good call.

So I was waiting watching the guys cook my burger on the charcoal grill, flames flashing as the fat dripped out onto the coals.

Then I was pleasantly surprised when they checked how I wanted it cooking. Excellent that is the true test of a good place, even if they mess it up after that, at least they know what to do, good work guys!

It was really just about right, I know it is basic fare, but it is basic fare done really well. It is criminal that there is a McDonalds over the road. If it was me I would be in there dragging the fat kids over the road to get fatter on something worth being fat for.

After all that I still need to come back here to eat a hot dog, especially since they have some excellent signs to drool over.

Wiener’s circle is located at 2622 North Clark Street, check them out at this website for some interesting video clips

The Wiener's Circle on Urbanspoon

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