Nhu Lan – Saigon Subs, ‘just about right …fresh and light’

So where is that arrow pointing? Looks like it is pointing into some sort of food establishment, maybe I should follow it across the road to see what is over there?

Getting over there it was a Saigon Sub shop, “looking spicy”, I was getting excited.

Nhu Lan seemed to be all about the subs, based on the name one assumes Vietnamese Ban Mi, but funnily enough nowhere inside, on the menu, or the website do they seem to mention the provenance. So lets just hope people know where Saigon is

This was one of those places where all the subs were on the wall and the menu in pictures, which in one way is good as you know what you are getting. I am always dubious of picture menus, especially laminated ones, which is a bit strange since I only like to buy cookbooks with pictures of the food in. In this case it was good, the one that looked the tastiest was the Pork Meatballs Sub. Apart from the pork in the crunchy sub roll it also came with pickled daikon, carrot, fresh cucumber, jalapeno, and coriander (cilantro). It was tasty but I really expected more heat from the chillies and I expected more spice flavour. It seemed a bit tame in the end, but that was not such a bad thing as it was then very easy to eat. I expect that plays well to the local palates. It was fresh, clean, and somewhat healthy so not a bad option, and despite the size it was quite a light meal.

It was good value at only $4.50 so definately a good spot to get a snack in that would keep you going for a while. They also were serving some different Pho bowls, but I think if I want Pho I would probably head uptown to Tank instead. I did like it inside though and it was a pretty comfortable place to hang out for half and hour or so. Also pretty easy to walk down from the Belmont CTA El Stop to.

Nhu Lan is located at 602 West Belmont Ave, and they have a website http://www.nhulansaigonsubs.com/

Nhu Lan Saigon Subs on Urbanspoon

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