Its all Greek to me – “Did you say Kebab?”

So this week I hurt my leg and had to rely on the kindness of my fellow men or in this case women to drive me to lunch. On this day it was in the suburbs and we were talking Greek Food at Greek Feast. From the outside in the sunshine I really felt that I was on one of those package tours I used to take in my late teens and early 2o’s over to the Greek islands. We would practically live off chicken kebabs in pita, and to be honest that was a great fresh flavour that I still can recall “Souvlaki ma creas” was what we asked for, which I believed was Chicken Kebab with chips. It probably wasn’t though.


I know that it is really quite simple, but these were really quite decent pita filled sandwiches. It was large and I ate it all, not just the chicken. The salad was clean and tasty, the tzatziki sauce was really good and there was plenty to mop up all of the pita.  This place was in Northbrook, nowhere near the El but on the Metra, and it is worth mentioning as we approach the Ryder Cup golf tournament that this place is the home (well he has a house here) of the World number one golfer Luke Donald of England, and that’s number one in a sport that other countries take part in as well.

The Greek Feast is at 2784 Dundee Road, in Northbrook. They are on facebook, twitter and online at

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