In the Midwest there are no Gunslingers but late night there is “The Slinger”

Once upon a time there was a good idea that just went oh so wrong but so good at the same time. This may happen all over the country at various late night eating joints, but here in Chicago at the Diner Grill it threw out a beast of a dish across the counter, and that dish my friend is the “Slinger”

Here this is pretty much a case of taking the sum of its parts, mixing the wrong parts, but still somehow coming up with a dish that is not totally unacceptable to the palate and to be honest even one that works. After consumption I had no ill effects and even ended up quite satiated. So before we look at a Slinger, what is in it. It is a plate of two cheese burgers, hash browns, onions, and chilli, served with two slices of toast on the side. Quite harmless? I hear you say, well lets take a look at what that really means on a plate.

I know that it will be so hard to convince you that I did not eat this just because I was drunk. I ate it through pure curiosity and I am kind of glad that I did. Would I eat it again, probably not, as it was too big, but you know if you can see beauty inside and look beyond the facade you will not be disapointed and may indeed have a brief yet unexpected love affair with this simple dish.

Diner Grill is at located at 1635 W Irving Park Rd about 5 minutes from the Irving Park CTA El Stop

Diner Grill on Urbanspoon

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