FOODease at Watertower Place. How did I not about this? more importantly do you?

Walk through to the food court in the Water Tower building on Michigan avenue and you enter a whole new food court experience. Part of which is the FOODease deli shop, OK so I was asking and I expect that you are too Who are or is FoodEase?

Quoting directly from their website mission statement;

“Foodease is a gourmet food market run by restaurateurs focused on providing the best in food quality, selection and service. Our mission is to serve restaurant quality food prepared to go.

We are passionate about featuring local products from our neighbors, serving signature dishes from Lettuce restaurants past and present and popular menu items from Iconic Chicago restaurants. “

We were looking for some safe pre-flight lunch options and the menu choices listed in the sandwich bar looked to be pretty safe as a choice. The guy was making them fresh on the counter and they looked a cut above the normal basic food court sandwiches.

A sound and safe decision was made to get two sandwiches and then split them. The first choice was the Pot Roast and Cheddar option which also had caramalized onions with it. I am coming back for this sandwich, it was not expected to find something in a food court that would be as memorable as this. The cheese melted into the bread and the beef and the onions melted into the cheese to make a cheesy beefy onion filling. The bread was a little crusty but chompable even for my English teeth. Great stuff.

The next choice was the Turkey Cuban which apart from the Turkey came with pulled pork and swiss cheese, it was supposed to have pickles in it but I declined that addition.  The bread was slathered in some sort of mustard which was totally terrific and made the sandwich. The bread did look rock hard but when you actually bit into it was quite soft and lightly chewy. The best bread of the two but not the best filling that was the beef.

It was good to see some decent food hiding out in a shopping mall for a change. Each sandwich was $7.95 but there was some sort of random deal whereby if you bought a bag of chips as a combo we managed to get both for $11. Not sure that is great business practice, but I was happy to get some free chips and a cheaper deal.

Located at 835 N. Michigan Ave, Water Tower Place


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