Angel Bakery at Lincoln Square Farmer’s Market

I was perusing the Angel Food Bakery stall at the Thursday night farmers market in the Western CTA car park near Lincoln Square and spyed some savoury treats to take home for a lunch time snack.


I bought a couple of these interesting looking savoury pies which when I got the home found out that they were called Rugelach, so question one what is a Rugelach anyway? Apparantly Rugelach is a Jewish pastry Rugelach literally means “little twists” in Yiddish, has Jewish Ashkenazic (Polish) origins. In Europe the dough was made with yeast, but American Jews later introduced a cream cheese based rugelach dough.


The first one I really was quite keen on, this was a pretty looking and filled with bacon, tomato, and basil. Despite the wrapping of the pastry they are not too doughy and the tomato was still quite sweet and juicy, bacon a little saltiness and the basil, well that was green and got stuck in my teeth.  


You know these asparagus,  leek,  goats cheese efforts were actualy quite nice, a little sickly in that they were a bit creamy and the leek went kind of sweet in cooking, but I did like them.

These are worth trying and not too big a snack.

Apart from catching the Angel Bakery at the market, you can also find them just along from the Montrose Brown line CTA stop  at 1636 W Montrose Ave. they have a whole load of random aprons in the window and it is a brightly colured affair. Check there website out too at

Angel Food Bakery on Urbanspoon

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