A little slice of a chain does you no harm – Rosati’s Pizza

Just for once I managed to get a half decent photograph on my phone as I was about to munch onto some food. Even better the pizza place had plates with their name and logos nicely displayed, they must have seen me coming. I don’t usually bother writing about eating in any of the bigger chains, but I did quite like this pizza slice. I got a pepperoni slice which was quite large, not NYC large, but big enough to only need one slice per sitting I expect. It had plenty of meat on it and the cheese and tomato topping was quite flavourful. I am not sure if you can quite see it from the photo, but the cheese had a good amount of tasty herbs melted into it, probably oregano. The topping did fall off as you bit into and pulled the bite away from the slice on each bite and I managed to get some juicy grease onto the chin each time.  That needed more than just the one napkin to wipe it off.  The base is good, but the one critiscm was that my outer crust was just a thick piece of dough, it was big enough that it could have housed a nice hot dog into its deep fold. 

As I was leaving I was warned by my friend that sometimes you get heartburn from the rich red tomato sauce, sure enough 5 minutes later I got psychosomatic heartburn. Damn brain stop listening to idle gossip, and why does my chin feel all greasy and covered in tomato sauce? I must have used half a box of napkins to clean it.

I understand, from my friend Mr Wikipedia,  that Rosati’s is the second largest local chain of restaurants in the Chicago Metropolitan Area and that there are about 150 locations nationwide. I wonder if I could just place one next to each El station, if I really tried and then lazily close down my food hunting project. Ok that would never happen, but I could close out with sticking the locations of Starbucks and McDonald in there too but who wants to read about that. Maybe no-one want to read about generic pizza either, but I did eat it so I am still writing, and anyway the delete key is telling me that it is too tired to be bothered dealing with my request,  and the rest of the keyboard says that it wants to write about something more exciting next time out, damn computers, you take them on a road trip down route 66 to St Louis and they get all fussy.

Rosati’s on Broadway is at 4863 N. Broadway Avenue equidistant between the Argyle and the Lawrence CTA stations on the Red El Line route.


Rosati's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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