Far from Moody at Moody’s – Chasing a Cheeseburger


Moody’s Pub is not too far away from the Thorndale CTA El Stop on the Red Line. This last weekend I headed up to the EdgeFest in Edgewater looking for some promised bacon related treats. To be honest the Fest Food was not that inspiring, but I knew that Moody’s was nearby and it was a great sunny day to be sitting in their outdoor patio in the Sun.  I had heard that they served pretty decent burgers, so I thought why not, their gain and mine.

Their menu proclaimed to have Chicago’s Best Burgers, and as you can see from the picture this is proclaimed in bold with an explanation mark. A serious statement in itself and might I say a bold and brave exclamation of excellence, brave indeed.

I opted to examine this claim by sampling one of their Cheese Moodyburgers.  This was a half pound patty, served with fresh cut Idaho fries, romaine lettuce, an onion slice, dill pickle, tomato, and cheese. I went for Cheddar cheese, and when it came it looked like I had just a thin veneer of a scrape on the burger. I think it was a mistake to serve the burger open on the plate as it looked less appetising this way. I can see two reasons why they would do this, firstly so that you can see what you are getting (which is nice) and secondly this then fills up half of the plate, a cunning plan that fails as soon as you put the top of the bun on the burger, as you are then left with a huge gaping hole on the plate. A perfect spot to add some more salad, maybe.

The burger was very juicy and medium just as I asked for. I liked the whole onion slice as it was a nice crunchy bite, I still don’t see the point of the pickle and I am not sure that I ever will. The fries, I liked them although my companion thought that they were cold, mine were OK but not piping hot.

Apparantley according to the Moody website the Tribune, Sun-Times, Chicago Magazine and Citysearch.com said they have the best burgers in Chicago. I don’t know if that is true, but I think I have had better burgers in Chicago. Although not being on any judging panel it is just my opinion. I would say that they are pretty good though and very enjoyable.

The best thing about Moody’s was sitting out on the patio under the shade of the trees. A very pleasant experience.

Moody’s is located at 5910 North Broadway Street, on the CTA 36 Broadway bus route and near to the Thorndale CTA El Stop

Moody's Pub on Urbanspoon

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