“The Club Sandwich Litmus test” at the Elephant and Caste

There are some good reasons to love the Elephant and Castle pub in the Loop, I am not sure if the food is the main one. As an expat I used to make sure that I stayed in the adjacent hotel (Club Quarters) whenever I flew into Chicago  the E&C was my home bar away from home. But times have moved on, the food in the English Pubs back in good old  blighty has improved drastically over the last decade and the food at E&C is now a distant reminder of those darks days when we were willing to accept 6 out of 10 food, good enough, but not quite good enough to write a postcard home about. So why I hear you question do I keep on going to the Elephant and Castle? Well the main reason is that it serves an excellent pint of Boddingtons bitter, and next well I have a fond memory of that sort of  pub food and I am not that fussy to be honest.

I have tried their Fish and Chips, their pies, and the Yorkshire pudding and I was excited each time before I started, but by the end I was a bit meh about it and was just concentrating on the Boddingtons. So on this occasion I was pulling the litmus test out of the bag and sampling the Club sandwich. The way I rank every place that I really want to be good. The Sandwich looked so damn good on the plate when it arrived, but that was the best bit. It ended up being another 6 out of 10 experience. The chips were also just dull, and the worst thing of all is that I still ate it all.

I do feel slightly mean being less than positive about an English style pub in Chicago, but despite that.I just have to keep on going back for the Boddingtons.

There are a couple of Elephant and Castles in Chicago, this particular one is located next to the Club Quarters hotel at 111 W Adams St (between La Salle St & Clark St)

Webiste: http://www.elephantcastle.com/chicago_adams/

Elephant & Castle on Urbanspoon

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