“Crepes and Latte” – is it an omelette? is it a pancake? no it’s a crepe


Do I like Crepes? Well not really, I prefer an omelette or a nice thinly wrapped pancake to be honest. I did however find mysef attracted to the shiny well designed interior of Crepes and Latte located pretty close to the Irving Park CTA el station on the Brown Line, and once inside? well I was all about the crepes.

Hovering between a choice of a breakfast type crepe, a savoury crepe or a sweet crepe, I was taking a trip down the savoury road. There were some pretty intriguing options including a Chciken Peanut Satay with Carrots, Green Onions and Cucumbers, or a Baked Apple and Brie with spinach and walnuts, but I played it safe and selected a Ham and Swiss Cheese Crepe with Tomatoes, Cucumber and Honey Mustard Sauce. It came with a small pasta salad on the side. It looked pretty on the plate in a slighty sterile version of the word pretty, but how did it taste?

Cutting it in half to see what was in the filling and housed in the crepe packaging I was assaulted with an ooze of chopped salad items and some thin ham and a bit of melted cheese. Not too much to complain about but not too much to write home about either. A solid offering and probably what I deserved by playiing it safe, but then again as I said I am not a fan of the crepe.It would have needed to be made of liquid food gold and sprinkled with unicorn dust to have got me excited, so my opinon is probably not that valid in a culinary sense. But my sensibilities left intact along with the $7 I paid for this offering.

If I came again I would probably bypass the crepes and go for one of their salads, in particular in hindsight I was quite excited about the Quinoa Mango Salad for $3.29 which is a red quinoa, mango, cilantro, black beans, garbanzo beans, red bell peppers, green onions, red wine vinegar, olive oil and lime juice. Now that does sound yummy.

Crepes and Latte (the cafe) is located as 1840 W Irving Park Road and on the web at http://www.crepesalatte-thecafe.com/

Crepes a Latte the cafe on Urbanspoon

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