The ‘New’ Mic Duck’s Drive-In

Some time ago a friend complained that I hadn’t written anything for a few days and then it was all about Food Trucks in New York. My response was that I did not like the places I had visited in Chicago that week and they weren’t worth going back to.

He commented that part of the reason he enjoyed reading was to see where I was travelling on my explorations and that he wanted to see the good ‘and’ the bad.

So with much sadness I have to admit that I went to The ‘New’ Mic Duck’s Drive-In just by the Belmont Blue station. It wasn’t that bad, just that it was another hot-dog I had to endure that tasted the same as all the others and that I only munched through to get a ‘hit’ on the blue line at Belmont.

The disapointment was that I found somewhere else nearby to return to that I think I will prefer to blog about, but more of that when I actually do.

Inside the instructions were to not throw your tray into the garbage. I pondered briefly if I was OK to throw my food into the same receptacle, but perhaps that was a little churlish of me on this occasion.

In the end I got the ‘special’ of a Polish with fries and a drink for $4.35. I think that I preferred the poster on the wall in the end.

In the end I didn’t dispatch the dog to the bin, and in a sad way I felt sorry for it so I devoured it to save it from any more hurt and harm at the hands of the grill man.

I ‘can’ be kind like that sometimes 🙂

Mic Ducks is at 3401 W Belmont, Chicago across the road from the Belmont Blue CTA station

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  1. PW says:

    I agree about reading the bad and the good. If only so I can benefit from your efforts and avoid the bad when visiting chi-town! Somewhat selfish? Ah well.

    1. I am but your humble servant Mr Woods, pass the ketchup when you have finished

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