Cafe Mustache at California

With unseasonal Chicago temperatures  hitting the 80F mark for another day on the first day of Spring! no less, it felt more like California than Illinois, so in the spirit of stately brotherhood I decided to head down the Blue Line to the California CTA station.


Just along from the El stop on North Milwaukee Ave, hidden away in the midst of the shops was Cafe Mustache. As I walked over two guys with excellent Mustache’s walked out, just for a moment I thought I would need one to gain entry, then I figured it might have been an Earl Hickey convention, then I saw the name and worked it out.

Inside it was an eclectic mix of tables, chairs and seemingly random ornaments and decorations, interspersed with the typical coffee shop crowd complete with their shiny apple macs, some not unpleasant tunes drifted from the back so it seemed like a fine spot to pause and have a Latte and a biscuit / cookie.


I even got a geeky science mug and felt obliged to get my ipad out and join in with the coffee crowd


This was a quite unexpected find down by Logan Square. I may even return on another day to try one of their sandwiches.

Located at 2313 N Milwaukee Ave, Logan Square, you can find them on twitter and facebook and also at the website (which they no longer update)

Cafe Mustache on Urbanspoon

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