Kitchen Sink – Berwyn


I can admit to being a bit of a snob, which is surprising considering that I spend most of my time traipsing around Chicago and New York eating junk food or ‘posh’ junk food. However I confess that I often judge the chances of finding somewhere decent to eat by an El station by the state of the station signs. At Berwyn they were in a particularly rough state, so I was not all that hopeful as I left the station. I was wrong, just about 50yds towards the shore is Kitchen Sink.

It is bright, airy, breezy and a really nice little cafe. Art is strewn over the walls, there is even a skylight and a ‘lending library’ of books to read in the well lit space beneath it. I have been here twice now and tried a couple of items, both were really good. The first time I played it safe and went for a grilled cheddar cheese sandwich with bacon for $5.35. I knew it was going to be good when I bit into it and the cheese strung out gooeyly with each bite. Also just for once the toasting was light and not burnt as I have had elsewhere, extra bonus points for attention Mr Toastie

On my second visit I was tempted by the daily special of a corned beef, egg and cheese sandwich.


It came on lightly toasted crusty tuscan white bread. It was just about right, the meat moist and the egg and cheese gave just a little softness to marry with the crunchy bread and at only $4.25 a real bargain.

I really like this place and it is so close to the el that it is really easy to get too, located at 1107 W Berwyn Ave in Edgewater

They are on both twitter and facebook and online at


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