City Provisions delicatessen

Finally with the sunshine out and a clear blue sky I had the time and the energy to get back out on the El Stop Food Hunt. Thanks to advice from Twitter I headed over to Wilson and Wolcott following the curve of the Brown line to find City Provisons.

Located right beneath the line in between the Montrose and the Damen stops you can watch the trains roll by as you drink your Latte and munch on your lunch.

Sad as it may be this is my idea of heaven, good food and trains to watch. I blame my Father (not really) for taking me train spotting as a child and I have only just realised that I have not grown out of it. At least I don’t have an anorak, but as I sat and watched, the air was so clear that I could read the train numbers. I didnt write them down though so maybe I am cured. But anyhow I didn’t start this blog entry to talk about train spotting.

I intended to talk about some food, in this case a bustingly good sandwich. City Provisions has a great set up inside, coffee bar, delecatessen counter and a good selection of sandwiches and salads made to order.

I went for a Roast beef sandwich on a pretzel roll with horseradish mayo and red leaf lettuce, it came on a plate with chips and a pickle (the plate also left with an intact pickle). I have grown to love pretzel rolls, so different from pretzels, these are soft tasty, slightly salty and a perfect sandwich holder. The beef was really tasty and the horseradish mayo not overpowering but did try to dominate, it failed lucklily. The chips and pickles were just spectators and plate filler, totally unneeded.

It was a really great sandwich.

City provisions is located at 1818 West Wilson Avenue, nearest El Station is the CTA Brown at Damen, but Montrose is within walking distance too.


City Provisions Deli on Urbanspoon

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