The Scotch Egg hunt. Day 1 (JAM in Logans Square)

This week I am on a mission to hunt down and consume as many different Chicago chef  inspired scotch eggs. In order to do this I had to break my golden rule of doing any kind of research before I jumped on the Elevated railway to hunt for food. I was hoping that my google searches would throw up some stops that I had not visited yet for blog purposes, and I was happy that the first ‘hit’ I got was for the Logan Square Blue Line Stop and for JAM.

I know many people do not know what a scotch egg is. In my mind it is basically hand held breakfast. A boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, rolled in breadcrumbs and either deep fried or baked. As a hangover cure, it pairs well with irn bru or lucozade depending on whether you are north or south of the Scottish border.

I was pretty much the only person in the place as I was in early so I felt a bit self conscious getting my camera out to take pictures, luckily they have a really good website which has much better photography than I can manage. Despite that I felt obliged to photograph their version of the scotch egg. I jokingly noted that “if Masterchef did scotch eggs”, this is what you would get.

This was quite a posh scotch egg, if such a thing exists in the real world. The scotch egg sat on top of a tarragon waffle, surrounded by tangy rhubarb and arugula or rocket for us Europeans. To be fair it worked, I really wanted an egg I could just pick up and scoff, but I had to use a knife and fork to eat this. Cutting into the egg revealed a soft runny interior, the yolk oozed out and melded into the waffle, yes melded not melted, they became one.  I did kind of enjoy this, but felt that the spirit of the Scotch egg had been tainted. Very tasty nonetheless.

Although this was a Scotch egg hunt, JAM showed me enough to return and take it at its own merits sometime in the near future. 

Website: located at 3057 West Logan Blvd near to the Logan Square Blue Line stop

Jam on Urbanspoon

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