Costello’s Sandwiches and Sides – Lincoln Square

Costello sandwich & sides is located right under the el line bridge just before the Western Brown Line stop. If you sit in the window you can watch the trains rattle by overhead. Sadly I could not see Lou or Abbott in here but I guess that was a long shot and as far over ones head as the train line is.

Ususally this place is pretty busy as I walk by and there is often some sort of musical turn struming away on a guitar. To be honest that is the principal reason why I usually walk on by. I can be a miserable so and so sometimes. I had been in before and remember it pretty much OK so this time I thought I would bring the camera to record the moment. I checked out the menu and bypassed all the obvious safe choices and went for something called “The Mess”. It was described as “Genoa salami, capicola, ham, provolone cheese, french fries, coleslaw, and tomato” all in the roll as a filling.

Now on paper this should have been totally awesome. In my head I was imagining the salty and sweet meat flavours mixed with crunchy salty fries, the crunch and acidity of the coleslaw, the silky cheese and the sweet juicy tomatoes. In the end it was just a big mulchy tasteless mess. I wonder if all the flavours and textures cancelled each other out? but I suspect that the quality of the ingredients just was not good enough to deliver. Points for concept, negative points for execution. Perhaps it was a one off, but will I return to try again? Mmm not sure, Lincoln Square is full of really good places to eat so I doubt I need to come again.

Having said that I shall probably steal the concept and make my own version at home. So not all was lost.

I suppose I should play fair and tell you where this is 🙂

website this particular location was at Lincoln Square – 4647 North Lincoln, Chicago

Costello Sandwich & Sides on Urbanspoon

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