Soulwich – Asian inspired sandwiches in Evanston

Healthy does not always have to be tasteless. Up in Evanston about 10 mins walk from the Davis St Purple Line station is Soulwich – Asian Sandwiches & More.

I went for the ‘Indonesian Ginger BBQ’  I chose the chicken option and it comes with homemade bbq, red cabbage and infused caramelized onion. The sandwiches also contain carrot and daikon pickle, lettuce, cilantro and chilli aoili.

It was a pretty messy affair but very tasty. I think I made a mistake by unwrapping the whole thing as it just fell apart, I should have treated it like a burrito as it came all wrapped up tight and snug, now I know for a good reason. It was crammed full of chicken, very good value, healthy and tasty.  Mmm so it is possible.

You could get homemade crisps with this original, wasabi, or burmese flavoured. I don’t know what I was thinking as I went for the Homemade Asian Slaw. The waitress looked pitifully at me and she asked if I was sure, her primary job seemed to be filling up little bags of crisps while effortlessly looking cute at the same time.

I did have a really good drink homemade pomegranite herb infused lemonade which was really refreshing.

You know having had this healthy meal I am so set up know for a streak of nights eating burgers and hot dogs, just for the ‘ying yang’ of it

Located at 1634 Orrington Ave, Evanston, the nearest el station is the Purple Line Davis


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