Off Track NYC – Nathan’s Hot Dogs at Coney Island

If you like the occasional hot dog then no trip to New York woud be complete without a trip to the mecca of Nathan’s original hot dogs in Brooklyn at Coney Island  on the corner of  Surf and Stillwell Avenue opposite the Coney Island Subway stop. It is not just the history of the place that has been here since around 1916 it is the run down feel of the area.

Coney Island oozes history the whole experience is not just eating the dog, I like to ride the subway down to Brighton Beach and then take a walk along the boardwalk by the beach to Coney Island, through little Russia, past the ageing amusement park and then finishing at Nathans. It is a great place to be in November on a sunny day with no crowds around, the boardwalk is a mix of runners, walkers, old russian women, and bemused tourists who had made the 1 hour subway ride from Manhattan.

 On the corner of the boardwalk is your first sign of Nathan’s.

 Then you turn down towards the Coney Island subway stop and reach Nathan’s

Once inside I finally get my hands on a couple of Nathan’s hot dogs with sauerkraut and some crinkle cut fries. The hot dogs themselves are not that fantastic but the whole experience of visiting Coney Island would not be complete without them

The Original Nathan's Famous Est. 1916 on Urbanspoon

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