Rokitos Mexican Streetside Kitchen

Back on my El Stop project I headed over to the Wilson Red Line el station to search for some nearby snacks. Right underneath the line is a small Mexican taco shack called Rokito’s. In direct contrast with the rest of the area this place was warm, clean and friendly inside. I was surprised as I thought it would be a quick in and out job but it just goes to show that one should put aside one’s preconceptions and barriers sometimes and just flow with it. I am not a big Mexican fan but there were a couple of ‘crossover’ items on the menu that intrigued me. One of which was a Mexican hotdog, which I zoomed in on and selected, well it it would have been rude not too. It was probably the ‘bacon wrapped’ element of the description that sucked me in.

It was quite a surprise, the bun was toasted, cheese in the bottom, then a bacon wrapped sausage, covered in black beans, mushroom, lettuce and a spicy chipotle type sauce. Really quite tasty, and not just the bacon part. Crisp and crunchy lettuce together with the crunchy toast set the top and bottom texture and the filling of beans, mushrooms, cheese and dog were a good combination. Not too spicy more like a mix of ketchup and mayonaisse than chipotle. All in all for $5.75 with a coke worth the sortie here.

Rokitos is located at 1111 W Wilson Avenue, at the Wilson Red Line Station, also on the 78 and 145 bus routes

Rokito's Mexican Street Side Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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