This is one of my favourite Chicago bars and it is very handy that it is located mere steps from where I live, that is also quite dangerous as it stays open late (2am on average) so if you fancy a quick beer or little tasty snack it is as good as dialling for a slice of pizza. It is on the corner of Montrose and Damen about 4 mins walk from the Montrose Brown Line station, the 78  and 50 buses stop outside too. It is also opposite to Marmalade which I thoroughly recommend for brunch.  I know that I will not be able to resist writing about this place again, so I am just going to restrict this blog to a small taster and a little drink. 

Apart from a massive menu of local and international beers, ciders and whiskeys, there is usually a special of some sort on the bar too for the evening, and the guys behind the bar will assist in pairing up your food with your drink. The beer selection can change nightly and their facebook page and website keep you up to date, and once they know you here and your tastes they direct you to some real beautys.

On this occasion I was drawn to a Vander Mills Totally Roasted Cider, unlike some ciders it is not tart or too crisp, in fact it is pretty mellow and a bit too easy to drink. It is apparantly made with over 4lbs of cinnamon roasted pecans and has vanilla beans too, so its like a soft apple nutty vanilla creamy drink. Its taste does belie its strength of 6.8 ABVso stick to just a couple unless you only have a 4 min walk home.


But really I am supposed to be eating along the el so what was on offer, the special on the bar was a Charcuterie, a mix of grilled chorizo, creminelli wild boar salame, and Country Style Ham. This came with a baguette, cornichons, pickled onions and Lagunitas mustard. So basically with the CiderI felt like I was in a southern english county eating posh food.   A perfect combination. It was a good late night munch and a typically good example of the Fountainhead approach to a bar snack.

Fountainhead is located at 1970 W. Montrose Ave. Chicago, IL


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