The Southern Mac & Cheese Store

Would it surprise you if I told you that this place sells Macaroni and Cheese, I didn’t think so, but it also sells one killer of a toasted cheese sandwich which was what I came here for.

Simply and Aptly it is just called “The Sandwich”

The menu describes this as Hot Stuffed, Sweet Gena Taylor’s recipe for Southern Style Pimento Cheese, stuffed in Brioche Bread and griddled to perfection. I can’t argue with the stuffed part. It was like they had injection moulded the cheese into the bread, and it was like a 3 inch door stop waiting to be crammed into my slightly salivating mouth.

You have to break into the beast to truly appreciate a sandwich filling that I am still struggling whether to describe as either a gooey loveliness or a sickly but strangely moorish cheesy gunge. Either way the filling oozes out as you pull the bread apart.

Be careful with this sandwich it left me feeling a little sickly as it was quite rich but very satisfied and happy. To be honest I could have easily eaten another one.

This store is also an easy place to get your hands on the mac and cheese from the Southern Mac & Cheese food truck too, they have a list of about 12 different types and a daily special. I even saw some salad but lets just gloss over that. I have tried the Grilled Hot Dog with American Cheese Mac & Cheese, I was not really excited about it, but I will still give them another chance on another day. Although its more likely that I will be eating another sandwich.

Store location: 60 E Lake Street, Chicago.

I got here just off the loop el stop at State and Lake, the store is quite hard to spot but quite large inside

website for store and truck:

The Southern Mac & Cheese Store on Urbanspoon

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