The Twisted Baker

This was a lucky find, never having ventured into Old town before it was great to find a multitude of places to eat and drink.  The Twisted Baker signage stood out straight away as something a little different and perhaps a little bit quirky. When you enter you can see down into the kitchen and with the display case full of caskes, biscuits and cookies, you half expect to see Mrs Miggins come out of the back room all red faced and covered in flour. Instead I was warmly welcomed by a young lady and encouraged to spend my time looking at her wares, too much so, as I ended up getting far more than I had planned (just one cookie, that’s all we are getting today OK?…er yeh right!).

In the end I walked out with;

A small cheesecake

 A Cheese Scone (or biscuit as you would call it)

 and a savoury bread pudding .

Everything was totally awesome, and as an Englishman I am not even sure if I am allowed to use the word ‘awesome’, in fact I think that it may seriously affect my green card application. Maybe I will exchange it for supurb. Located at Wells Street, just south of North Avenue in the heart of Old Town at 1543 N Wills Street, about 10 mins walk from the Sedgwick Brown El station (maybe 15mins but don’t stop walking)  website: Don’t take my word for it though I am just trolling up and down the el eating hot dogs and burgers, I would actively encourage you to make the effort if you are down (or up) this way

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