5 Boroughs Pizza Company


5 boroughs sedgwick

On first inspection of this blog entry you may wonder why bother to go to a NY style pizza shop next to the Sedgwick El station when Old Town and all of its many resturants is a mere 5 minute walk away.

Well several reasons, firstly this is right next to the El station in sight as you walk out, secondly having spent many happy years eating my way through New York I do miss their floppy cheesy pizza slices, and thirdly until I walked for 5 minutes after eating here  I didn’t know that Old Town was there.

If I had known would have have eaten here? probably not, glad I did? Yes

If you have only eaten Chicago pizza and never bitten into a New York slice you may not get excited about getting your hands on a slice so you may find me a little crazy.

In general the characteristic of a New York slice is that it is large, wide, thin and foldable.

The slice here was all four. I just took a standard slice of Pepperoni and it had a good crust with that slightly charred taste from the oven, when I bit into it and pulled away I got a good strand of cheese between me and the pizza, if I was to be at all critical it would be that the base was too solid and not as floppy as in New York.

All the same it was pretty tasty and as close to being authentic as I have found in this city.

I am not saying that this is the greatest gourmet experience in the world or that I will be making a special trip down here any time soon but I was glad I stumbled across the place.


Located at 1543 North Sedgwick Ave, by the Sedgwick CTA Brown El station.

website: http://www.5bpc.com

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