Grahamwich – Best Grilled Cheese in America

When a Chicago spot makes the 25 best list in Food and Wine magazine for its Grilled Cheese sandwich I had to take a look. Grahamwich is the sandwich shop of chef Graham Elliot, who is even known to us English people over the pond as the nice judge on the US version of MasterChef. We like him as when something tastes good he says so in plain English unlike the other judges on the show.  His shop is located at 615 N State Street in between Ohio and Ontario street, easily reachable from the Red line Grand El station.


The menu has a good selection of sandwiches, but I came here for the Grilled Cheese which was not a disapointment. On the menu it is listed as containing Wisconsin cheddar, Italian prosciutto, c, cheese curds, with pullman loaf. In reality without reading all that it was a really gooey cheesy delight, the marmalade was nice and sweet and gave it a sweet savoury taste. The sort of taste that lingers on the tongue and in my mind for hours after I left. In all honesty as I walked out I thought that it was so good I might not eat anything else for the rest of the day as I don’t think anything else would be able to live up to my now elevated taste expectations.

Was this up there in the top 25 grilled cheese in the USA? I don’t know but its the best  I have had in Chicago, even better than my own homemade favorite of Wensleydale cheese with Heinz spaghetti (trust me) and now this place is 100% added on to the downtown lunch rotation.

Grahamwich has a really cool website too:

Grahamwich on Urbanspoon

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