Halloween cup cakes and more at Sweet Sensations

 I have commented previously about Sweet Sensations on West Montrose Ave in particular with their Lemon Meringue cup cakes with whom I have an ongoing taste sensation love affair. 

I dont often get a chance to call in midday so I think I may miss out on some of their other excellent offferings such as their savoury cheese and chive scones, which are moist, cheesy and chivey (if that is a real word).


BUT enough of that back to Halloween cakes, is this a trick or a treat? Well it is a cake anyway!

Today I captured this beast and he looks a lot less menacing when taken away from his gang



Even the lemon meringue cupcakes alongside cheered as another of these monsters was removed from the cage. You can just see the owner rescuing a cup cake for me at the back.

Cup Cake rescue mission
SAVED! but the end was near for this sweet cutie anyway! Cue evil halloween laugh

I thoroughly recommend this place and blame it solely for my visits to Cupcake Anonymous

Located at 1918 West Montrose Ave., Chicago, IL 60613 

website http://www.sweetsensationspastry.com/

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