Ethyl’s Dive and Bar – Food Truck Thursday

Down at Ethyl’s this Thursday I hooked up with 4 food trucks for a Food bonanza. Despite the chill in the air it was worth the trip and lets face it it is going to get a lot colder and we will still be needing to eat well!

So who was there?

I started with a Bacon Baby Burger from The Slide Ride – A Cheddar cheese topped certified Angus beef  burger, crisp brown sugar bacon, caramelised mustard onions on a pretzel burger for $3.50 (Yes I copied that from their site as my photo of the board was a bit blurred ). It was a nice bite sized treat, solid flavour and not greasy. I could have had a couple more sliders and taken advantage of their deal of 3 sliders for $9 (another day maybe)  but I really wanted to sample some of the other trucks fare.

I moved on to the Wagyu Wagon which was attracting attention and had a very tempting menu. I ordered a 80/20 Burger which was a burger of Wagyu ground beef and ground bacon, topped with a fried egg, avocado, grilled onions, provolone, and tomato for $10. It took a while to prepare and alongside the other brave or foolhardy souls I waited with anticipation. It was well worth the wait, the fried egg topping always makes any burger great and I managed not to spill any of the juice down my top. This was a mean burger totally awesome!

Not to be outdone the 5411 Empanada Truck was also there. I had to get a couple of these to take home with the intention of eating them for supper. Sadly they pretty much lasted long enough to get photograped. The Ham and Cheese had a good solid meat content, but for me the star of the show was the caramelised onion, which had a lovely sweet filling. I should have bought a whole bag of these (I will next time!)

Finally I had to get myself a little sweet temptation to take home to have with my cup of tea. The Sweet Ride Truck was there to assist with this cup cake need.  I snagged myself a red velvet cup cake and thus far I am managing to save myself from eating this cake tonight. It might even make it all the way into the office with me tommorrow, or at least until after I post this blog entry.

All in all a pretty successful trip down to Ethyls for some Food Truckin Lovin. Although I may need to walk a few miles tomorrow to burn all of this scrumptious goodness off.

You can track all these trucks on twitter and facebook (thats what I did) and on their websites

The Slide Ride:

Wagyu Wagon:

5411 Empanada:

Sweet Ride:

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