Hot Diggity Dogs

In the search for places to eat next to the El line is is hard to find somewhere closer than Hot Diggity Dogs, located at 947 W Wellington Ave, between Sheffield & Mildred Ave, and practically built under the arches of the Wellington Brown line El station.

The menu board is pretty basic on first inspection and I went for a standard offering of the Polish Sausage which came with cheese fries, mustard, grilled onion,and a drink for $4.50. It was pretty acceptable, the fries were clearly freshly cut and fried, and the grilled onions were nice and chunky.

Sadly once I sat down I spyed another menu on the counter which looked far more interesting see the following options:

Gourmet grilled cheese – crusted sandwich containing parmesan, american, mozzerella cheese and grilled tomato.

Phat fries – chilli, bacon, sour cream and hot guardinera sauce over fresh cut fries.

On the breakfast menu there is;

Day Break Dog with bacon, egg, and cheese.

Breakfast Burger – 1/4lb beef  burger with cheese, a fried egg, and grilled onions

Old Neighborhood breakfast sandwich – fried meatballs, fried egg, with mozzarella cheese on a Kaiser roll

I may well be back to try the handwritten options, although why they would hide these choices away I don’t know, once I try them of course then I may well find out.

Hot Diggity Dogs on Urbanspoon

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