The Soup Box

Not far from the Chicago red line stop en route to Michigan Avenue you can find the Soup Box tucked away in an old building. I would say that if you blinked you would miss it but there are enough signs that you would probably choose to miss it. If you didnt know anything about the place then you may well just walk on by, but I am kind of glad that I did not and took a chance.







The Soup Box has a selection of twelve soups and you can also get a grilled cheese sandwich to go with them or a salad if you are so inclined. Funnily enough the soup was twice the price of the sandwich.  I had the tomato soup or ‘Fresh Tomato and Basil bisque’ as they chose to call it, may be thats why it was priced as such. It was OK not too exciting, to be perfectly honest with all the signs in the place telling me that it was voted the best soup in Chicago I had high hopes. Maybe like reading a good or bad review one can get swayed, I guess I needed a blind tasting, just give me a bowl of soup and let my taste buds discuss its merits with my sensory brain area (the one that’s obsessed with cheap hot dogs and has an antipathy to salad). Just don’t let the pompous snobby section of mybrain get involved because that section may be impressed by the word bisque. let the battle commence.







Overall if you can just avert you eyes from the boast boards, eat the soup (with an accidental toasted sandwich), enjoy it and walk away happy

 The Soup Box has two locations this one at 50 E. Chicago Ave (between Michigan and Wabash) just walk east from the Chicago red line station


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