Flirty Cupcakes Food Truck

Walking towards the Quincy CTA stop to jump onto the Brown line home I was bemoaning in my head the lack of places to eat nearby that were not chains such as Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds. I was thinking that I was going to struggle to find anything decent to eat and blog about in the near vicinity without walking closer to another loop stop. Then as if by a small miracle I saw the Flirty Cupcake truck parked up right at the foot of the stairs leading to the station. Well it had to be fate or something like that, a small morsel of opportunity sent from on high.


I snagged myself a cupcake a Tall White Expresso chocolate cake with milk chocolate filling and white expresso frosting for $3.79, tucked it in my bag and headed up on to the Brown Line towards Kimball.


25min later I had a nice cup of tea lined up and happily munched my way through the cake. It was nice and soft, moist, not too chocolatey and not too much coffee flavour. It was well worth the diversion on the way home through the loop that led to this chance Quincy encounter.

Flirty cupcakes weekly schedule on the road and their story can be found on their website. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook


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