“City Farms” for a quality brunch and breakfast

City Farms Grill is a small cafe that is almost easy to miss, in fact I have walked past several times and thought oh yes I haven’t been there yet, but then forget as it is not on my beaten track. This is a shame as it is a really nice friendly little place to get breakfast or brunch. So this morning I made a concerted effort to finally drag my ass up there for some brunch. Inside it is bright, clean, and welcoming. The tables are pretty much set up to be family style with a couple of long tables.

I had the best of intentions to just get something small, maybe a little sandwich, but I was attracted on the menu to trying on of their breakfast specials “The New York Scramble”. This was described on the menu as “scrambled fresh farm eggs, smoked salmon, sour cream, chives, and a toasted bagel with cream cheese. I was expecting to get the eggs and salmon on top of the bagel, but in the end as you can see it was a huge plateful. As well as a great big pile of eggs, salmon, chives, and cream, there was a great big portion of house potatoes. The potatoes were really good, cooked perfectly, seasoned lightly and accompanied with some finely chopped red peppers. The scrambled egg was good but too much for me, the salmon was nicely smoked and was quite salty, at first that was nice but by the end because the portion was quite large the saltiness was a bit overwhelming for me. That is just my opinion though I generally don’t put too much salt on my food so it was maybe just my palate. I also did enjoy the bagel, I am not usually a fan but this one was nicely toasted, not too thick or doughy and the cream cheese to bread ratio made for a nice bite. All in all this was good value and good quality, it is a place to get a nice lunch not a place for a hangover cure so dont come here for some greasy food come here for some high quality and tasty breakfast or brunch.

Located at 1467 W Irving Park Road, it is a 1o minute walk from the Irving Park CTA El station on the brown line.

Website: http://cityfarmsgrill.com/ you can also follow them on facebook

City Farms Market & Grill on Urbanspoon

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