Grahamwhich – Still the best Grilled Cheese sandwich

So I am going to make this a brief posting. When I get the need in my soul for a truly great grilled cheese sandwich there is only only one place in Chicago that I am going to. That place is Grahamwich. Now this sandwich is basically, according to their menu, a sandwich of Winsconsin Cheddar, Tomato Marmalade, Cheese Curds, “Buttery Goodness” – is that actually a menu item? -pure class and respect on that description Graham! 🙂 and pullman loaf.

I have had this sandwich before (on numerous occasions) and it always lives up to its place in the top of America’s Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Why? I am not sure, well I am to be fair, the cheesiness of the curds and melted cheese cannot be surpasssed, the tomato marmalade it is truly great, I have commented before that the taste lives with you all day, I have to say that it lives with you as a flavour profile for much longer than that. If I was on death row choosing my last meal? this would be my sandwich of choice.

Grahamwich on Urbanspoon

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