Potluck on Potstickers and more from Jade East


I quite like it when the local resturants put a stall outside their doors at the local festivals. At the Taste of Lincoln the Jade East Chinese Resturant had done just that. While I am not going to rave about them I am going to say that they had some nice snacks and they were really friendly and welcoming and they did their job which was to persuade me that maybe one day I would stop in and have a meal.


There was a simple selection geared up to the average American who likes the basic Chinese and that has no desire to know about any special dishes, “Chicken on a stick” yes please, “Dumplings with meat in them ?” thank you, “other stuff we have heard of?” yes thanks for that too, nothing scary, nothing expensive and stuff that they can munch easily. Slightly snobby yes, but remember I am eating this stuff too, and have no qualms, OK I like authentic and I mean really authentic, but just like I can eat a McDonalds on occasion I can eat Westernised Chinese food too, and I do love it when it is done well. I would be curious to see what they have to offer inside their resturant and if they have a secret menu with the good stuff on it.


As I said nothing scary here, the potstickers looked big and nicely seared, the other fried stuff looked , well fried, and the chicken on a stick was ‘chicken on a stick’.

For $7  you could get a plate of three selections from the menu, this seemed to be the best option so I went for the two different types of Potstickers (3 chicken and 3 pork) and the Teriyaki Chicken Skewers. We settled down to share this plate on the table alongside and the two ladies who were working the stall were very friendly and offered us some free crab rangoons and another skewer.

Cheerful and Friendly was my take home from this encounter, and the food was OK too, worth a late night order to fill a hole.

Located at 2511 N Lincoln with website http://jadeeastchinese.com/

Jade East on Urbanspoon

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