Its those Chizakaya guys again at the Taste of Lincoln and this time I am getting those Octopus Beignets!

This weekend walking through the Taste of Lincoln, Chizakaya and my paths crossed once more.  Last weekend I tried their Japodog and it’s true just as their sign states, they had me at bacon. This time I took the opportunity to try the two dishes that I missed out on last time, the Pork belly slider and the Octopus beignets


The Pork Belly Slider comes in a soft light Bao which is a perfectly made bun. The pork belly was not too fatty and also not too crisp, just about right. All of the accompanying filling went well together and made a really tasty if somewhat different flavour. Worth getting, and one of their less scary options on their menu.

These Octopus Beignets were something that I just had to try but I had no idea what to expect. I have had the sweet beignets in New Orleans that are all covered in white sugar. In contrast these are covered in nori and some sort of pickled vegetables. They were cooked fresh and you got a good sized sample for your money. They were very hot in temperature to bite into, but they were good. The filling was creamy almost cheese like but still not spicy and the pieces of octopus were a little chewy but not totally rubbery. I might eat these again but I would prefer to share them, six was too many, maybe three as little appetizers would be better.

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