Pierogi Heaven or Pierogi Nirvana? Or just a tasty little morsel

It might not look much but in common with many of the Loop lunch spots it has to compete with the fumes of the packed traffic passing by and the rusty El line running overhead, so why waste time on the outside when you can save your energy inside working on creating some tasty morsels for the lunch crowd and the afterwork el stop food hunter.

The Menu board outside seemed to be pretty good value, it was even better when I got inside I found that you could mix and match the pierogi in batches of 3. So you could have 3 & 3 for $5.39 or 3&3&3 for $7.18 and so on. This was great as it meant I could try a couple of different flavours. There was a pretty good selection, meat, meat and spinach, kraut, kraut and mushrooms, mushrooms, potato, potatao and cheddar, potato and cheese, and even some weird fruit option which I totally bypassed.

I settled for what I thought would be a fair mix, three kraut and mushroom, and three potato and cheddar for $5.39. This came with sides of fried onion, crispy bacon pieces and sour cream. It was cooked to order and took about 5-10 minutes. Even though this place was supposed to close at 7pm they were still cooking and serving at 7.15pm when I was eating this tasty plateful. Now was I in some sort of Pierogi heaven? Well that might have been pushing it slightly, but it was definately worth stopping in, and I will probably come back again. The best of the two fillings was the cheddar and potato, and when mixed with the onion, bacon and sour cream both really worked and were a nice tasty treat. I will be most willing to try some more pierogi here or anywhere else I may stumble across them.

Pierogi Heaven is beneath the CTA brown line and is at the Blue Line Clark and Lake stop,located at 169 N Wells Street. Website: http://pierogiheaven.com/

Pierogi Heaven on Urbanspoon

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