A Club Sandwich Hunt via another Friday Night Pub Crawl

This food hunt entry works backwards from the food and then goes in reverse careering back down hill through the pub crawl. The last stop of the night was at The Roebuck Inn in Nottingham where the default choice of the night had to be a Club Sandwich with Chips described on their menu as “Our signature sandwich, on toasted white bloomer bread, with chicken breast, bacon, tomato, mature Cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and lettuce”. It was a significant improvement on the last club sandwich that I was given by the mere fact that it was toasted. Also I like the addition of the wooden stick in the top to add scaffolding to the food, and a slight danger to really stupid people. It was a really good effort, and my abiding memories of this particular chain of pubs is that their food is consistent, if not spectacular

I was slightly sad to find that this sandwich was really quite good as it was from a chain of pubs that swamps the UK like Starbucks blights America, but my excuse was that I really had drunk an awful lot of beer before I reached this final destination, so my sense and sensibilities had fallen well below the standards of the common man.  How did this happen? I blame the young Professor Moriarty for leading me a merry dance of real ale through the Lace Market district of Nottingham. First Stop had been at the Kean’s Head, another one of the pubs supplied by the Nottingham Castle Brewery. If there had been a table free we may have eaten here as the menu looked good, and I clocked a pie night that may well be visited in the near future before I return to the States.


The next stop had been at the Cock and Hoop where there were also many decent options for food, but by now we were distracted by the beer.


Then it was on to the Cross Keys for a couple more beers to fuel the appetite.

From here it was a short stroll back over to the Wetherspoons on St James Street for those Club Sandwiches and a couple more beers to end the night.

Keans Head pub located at 46 St Mary’s Gate, Nottingham. Website: http://www.castlerockbrewery.co.uk

Cock and Hoop pub located at  25 High Pavement, Nottingham Lace Market District. Website:  http://www.thefinessecollection.com/lacemarket/food-drink/cock-hoop/

Cross Keys pub located at 15 Byard Lane, Nottingham  City Centre. website: http://www.crosskeysnottingham.co.uk/

Wetherspoons – The Roebuck Inn located at 9-11 St James’s Street, Nottingham. Website: http://www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk/home/pubs/the-roebuck-inn

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