Fish and Chips at the oldest pub in England

If you are drinking beer at the “Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem”, the oldest pub in England, then why not consume a plate of Fish and Chips to go with it?

There is no good answer as to why not, so I took the safe option and did just that.

Although it was quite tasty it was a pretty much tourist version of this dish, judging by the accents around the top room in the pub, I would guess that this place attracts many overseas visitors and I would lay a reasonable bet that they consume a fair amount of fish and chips on their trip to the Trip. It was good piece of battered haddock, the fish moist and juicy, the batter crispy. A small pot of mushy peas and tartare sauce were good, the chips a bit standard and not too exciting. The good thing was that it was not too large and so I was still able to drink a couple of decent beers to wash it down with.


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  1. rockstarcpa says:

    Always wanted to go to England. May skip the fish and chips, but a few beers at the oldest pub in England don’t sound to terrible. 🙂

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      It certainly has to be done, I will miss this in two weeks when I get back to Chicago 😦

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