Billy Goat Tavern at Navy Pier

When the sun shines even if it is cold I love to hit the shore and one of my favorite locations to wander to is Navy Pier, especially out of season when there are no crowds.

Now I am not going to try and kid anyone that I come here for the gourmet experience, I come like a kid in a candy shop to indulge in some guilty pleasures such as Bubba Gump and on this occasion a Cheezborger at the Billy Goat Tavern.


For those non-chicagoans and undevotees of Saturday Night Live I suggest you check out their website for the history and back story.

I always get caught out by the ‘no fries – chips’ sign, “mmm now when they say chips do they mean chips as in English chips… oh no they meant crisps or chips…dammmit!”

I didn’t want a packet of crisps. But now writing this I do want a bag of chips or fries.. even writing this is making me hungry. Concentrate.

SO back to Billy Goat, I am a simple man with simple pleasures so I just went for a Cheezborger – plain and simple and a coke (diet of course..ahem)

To be honest I was a little disapointed or maybe I have been spoilt by some of the gourmet burgers I have had such as those from Etno Grill. The bread was a little dry and it really needed to be a bit more juicy, if I did not have the coke to wash it down I may have struggled.

Sacrilige I know but there it is. The best thing about this place is the place and the iconity as opposed to the burgers.

If you want to use the El to get here, I usually ride to the Brown or Red Chicago stops then jump on the 66 bus that rides all the way there.

Billy Goat Tavern on Urbanspoon

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