Emerald City Coffee House


The Emerald City Coffee house is right beneath the train tracks at the Sheridan CTA el station on the Red Line. You can walk straight into the shop without exiting the station. Of course instead of using the convenient method of taking the train here, you can use the walking method, which tonight for me was an hour from the Montrose Brown line station using a somewhat circuitous route. It was actually a lucky find as I had been heading to a different food outlet which was sadly closed. In fact as of now it is the resturant with no name as it let me down.

So this evening instead of sitting down to a plate of Moo Ping I was contemplating which panini to go with my latte, actually before that I was trying to figure out the answer to the ‘teaser’ on the counter to get my 25cent bonus.

I went in the end for a Chicken Bacon panini, with white cheddar, lettuce, mayo, and tomato on country sour dough bread, together with my latte, and a bag of chips it cost the princely sum of just under $10.

It was not at all bad, nice juicy chicken and a spicy mayo, together with the perfect amount of lettuce and tomato (which in my case is one slice of each). The coffee was good too, if this is the standard for this coffee house then I may drop off the red line at Sheridan in the future to read my book and chill out.

Other highlights were watching PC Plod tapping his feet to the songs on the radio.

And the answer to the teaser? “… the hero you’re dreaming of, We’ll live forever, Knowing together that we, Did it all for the glory of love.”

Classic from the Karate Kid film or rather from Peter Cetera, slightly more successful than his younger brother Et.

I’ll get me coat….

Emerald Coffee Shop is at 3938 N Sheridan Road (between Dakin St & Irving Park Rd) at the Sheridan Red Line stop

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