Fish and Chip hunt leads to the New England Seafood Company

Some days I really crave some good old fish and chips, but sadly it is hard to track down, so I was delighted to find this decent offering near to the Paulina Brown Line stop.

The New England Seafood Company sells East Coast Boston type fare, well at least I assume it does as I have never yet been over to Boston or that part of the coast to sample it myself. I just know that it was not English Fish and Chips, but it was a pretty good substitute all the same.

Although the batter on the haddock looked burnt at first, it wasn’t, it was crispy and very tasty, inside the haddock was juicy and fell apart in perfect flakes just like a good piece of freshly fried fresh haddock should. To be fair I think that this was the best piece of haddock I have had in Chicago. The portion was too large, but not too big to stop me greedily eating it all. The fries were strange, not chips in the english sense, but crispy and crunchy with a good flavour. You did not need to add any sauce to make them palatable which makes them a glorious alternative to most of the fries offered in America. I still doused them in a fair amount of malt vinegar, enough to make one imagine that a wandering unwashed hobo had wandered into the joint with his unwashed jeans such was the smell lingering in the air.

The price was good value at $13.95, one of the cheaper options on the menu, still it was the one that caught my eye and the one that I will return for.

Located at 3341 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60657 about 5 mins walk from the Paulina Brown Line CTA station


New England Seafood Company Fish Market on Urbanspoon

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